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  I had my first contact with Qi Gong in 2018 in Switzerland. I was fascinated by this topic and decided to delve into it. In 2019, I participated in the courses conducted by Master Marcus Bongard in Warsaw and since then I started practicing Qi Gong regularly. I have been struggling with cancer for 12 years - it has not always been easy, but since then I have noticed a huge improvement in my well-being. The pains accompanying the disease stopped bothering me, I have much more energy, motivation and will to live.

When at the beginning of 2021 the opportunity to participate in the coaching training appeared, I immediately took the opportunity, hoping that in the future I would be able to share Qi Gong with others.

The trainings were held in Yangtorp in Sweden under the supervision of Master Marcus. It was a time of intensive classes covering both practice and theoretical knowledge. This is how I became a Qi Gong De Rui 1 Trainer.

By winning this title, I joined a small group of people who could teach Qi Gong in Poland, and I also became a member of the De Rui family and the De Rui Polish Qi Gong Health Association.



In 2020, I completed the training, completed 150 hours of practice under the supervision of specialists and obtained a certificate with the title:
"Biological Renewal Specialist"

Specializing in spa & wellness massages, oreint massage and regenerative therapy in sport ".  

Applying all my knowledge, I will try to provide you with the best and most beneficial relaxation and rest for your body, mind and spirit. 

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