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Tai Chi Practice on the Waterfront


Move, Breathe, Think.

Qi Gong is an ancient healing technique that originated in China. Its origins go back to the mystical times of the Five Lords and the Xia Dynasty (2852-2202 BC)

The word Qi Gong is composed of two Chinese characters: Qi and Gong.

  • Qi stands for the vital energy that flows through our body

  • Gong, on the other hand, means mastering something

Qi Gong is a unique method that combines body movement, breathing and concentration. It prevents disease, helps people regain lost health and prolong life.

This art was created through careful observation of nature, human behavior, the world of animals and plants, and exploring the nature of various phenomena, especially the mechanisms of aging and survival.

There are different types of Qi Gong, they have been applied from medicine to fighting methods (such as Kung Fu). The idea of using Qi Gong for therapeutic purposes and in prophylaxis of health is based on the belief that the strength of the mind can affect the physiological functions of internal organs.

Contraindications: None




6h - PLN 300

In this course, you will learn what QiGong is. You will learn the basic issues related to it and learn a series of exercises that you will be able to practice on your own



30 minutes - 30 PLN

It is a great proposition for spending a good time. In addition, you will improve your well-being, take some exercise, calm your mind, and what's more, you will improve your movements and immerse yourself in the subject of QiGong.

Tai Chi Class
Siedząca medytacja



30 minutes - 30 PLN

If you want to exercise a little under the supervision of a trainer, but you cannot participate in stationary classes or you just prefer to exercise at home - online classes are the perfect choice for you

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