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There are a lot of them to be repaired, the benefits of massage do not end with pain reduction and general relaxation. In order to achieve long-lasting and clear results, it is recommended to regularly hand yourself over to the masseur. The benefits we can expect are:

  • improves blood and lymph flow, reduces limb swelling

  • firms the skin and oxygenates the tissues,

  • accelerates tissue regeneration processes,

  • accelerates scar reduction,

  • tones, relaxes the muscles (prevents injuries, prepares the muscles for exercise),

  • increases the mobility of joints, strengthens the ligaments,

  • improves the quality of sleep and prevents insomnia,

  • prevents arterial hypertension,

  • relieves pain

  • relieves the effects of stress,

  • calms down

  • stimulates nerve conduction,

  • helps to eliminate migraine headaches,

Massage is a great form of rest, and at the same time a form of regeneration and strengthening of the body.

Varicose veins, pregnancy, skin changes, arterial hypertension, cancer


45 PLN - 30-60 min

Classic massage is the perfect choice for everyone. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be both relaxing and more therapeutic. The general positives of Classic Massage are:

  • Improving the elasticity of the skin, connective tissue and tissue nourishment

  • Elimination of lymphatic and venous stagnation

  • Regulating muscle tone, eliminates fatigue of stiff muscles and reduces muscle tone

  • It stabilizes and normalizes the tension of the nervous system

  • It soothes the effects of stress and relaxes

  • It reduces pain

Masaż pleców


60 PLN - about 45 minutes

A unique oriental massage based on the techniques of the Far East. It puts emphasis on the human body and appropriate massaging. Tibetan medicine emphasizes the importance of a relaxing massage using massage oils, because it has a positive effect on the whole body and helps with ailments such as: - insomnia, - depression, - muscle pain, - or migraine headaches. Thanks to the aromatic body oil, the massage renews, nourishes and regenerates skin cells. Moreover, the treatment offers relaxation, luxury, relaxation and nourishment of the epidermis.


PLN 120 - 90-120 min

Lomi lomi massage is an art of working with the body that originated in Hawaii and has been known there for hundreds of years. However, until  to other parts of the world, this type of massage did not arrive until the second half of the 20th century and then it became very popular. In Hawaiian the word "lomi" means  "Pressing, kneading, rubbing, working on the outside and inside". Another meaning is "the touch of the soft, velvety paw of a satisfied cat." The repetition of the word strengthens its meaning - so the double "lomi" emphasizes the strength and quality of the pressure. The "Lomi Lomi" massage gives a unique feeling of bliss that permeates both body and soul. It provides relaxation and meets the need for physical contact.
Lomi lomi massage is performed all over the body, excluding the intimate parts. It is carried out with the help of a hot oil, which is spread directly on the skin to make the customer's sensual experience more enjoyable. The person undergoing the lomi lomi massage must be naked but with the private parts of the body covered with a towel, although the chest should be exposed.

Relaksujący masaż pleców
Masaż gorącymi kamieniami


PLN 80 - about 60 minutes

The combination of warm stones with appropriate massage techniques is beneficial for a tired, stressed body and mind of a modern man, relaxing and regenerating the whole body.
Hot stone massage has a positive effect on:

  • The circulatory system - improves circulation, dilates blood vessels, facilitates the outflow of venous blood, increases the pulse and accelerates the heart rate;

  • Lymphatic system - improves lymph circulation, accelerates the excretion of metabolic products by cells;

  • Nervous system - relieves symptoms of stress, has a calming and relaxing effect;

  • Muscular system - supports regeneration after prolonged exercise, improves muscle tone and flexibility;

  • The skin - high temperature opens the pores of the skin, accelerates the circulation of blood and lymph in the skin vessels, improves its appearance, makes it firm, and helps fight cellulite.


100 PLN - 60-90 min 

Balinese massage is far from the delicate treatments typical for Europeans. It is largely based on intense movements using the kneading of the skin, smoothing, rubbing, acupressure and reflexology. Smooth, but strong and deep movements of the therapist relax and release tension and improve blood circulation, and thus the metabolism in the skin, subcutaneous and muscle parts is improved. The strong pressure relaxes the blocked muscles. The massage technique also affects connective tissue, incl. tendons, and is extremely effective in treating sports injuries.

Masaż ramion


60 PLN - about 45 minutes

Do you have problems with circulation, metabolism and excessive stress? These are just some of the ailments that can be treated with reflexology. Already in ancient times, it was believed that this practice was a way to recover and get rid of any diseases that may hinder everyday functioning. 
Reflexology is otherwise known as zonal therapy and is classified as holistic medicine. It is based on the skillful pressing of specific places on the feet, hands, face and ears. These places are called reflections. By pressing these points, you can improve your general well-being and affect the functioning of the entire body.

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